Georgetown Women's Rugby


Thanks for all your support!

We would like to thank all of you who contribute to our team as fans, drivers, and financial supporters. The following people have helped us raise thousands of crucial dollars for our team. This money will go towards new uniforms, equipment, traveling to competitions next season, and hopefully to send us to nationals! We could not have done it without you!

If you would like to support our team and be added to this list, please contact our fundraising chair, Laura Shrum.


Fan of the month: Tom Karwacki

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Thanks to all all those who have contributed their driving services to our team. Without your dedication and commitment, we would have no way of getting to our matches. It really means a lot when people who are not necessarily playing, wake up at the crack of dawn to drive us an hour away to support us and help us out in any way possible. We are eternally grateful!

Very Important Drivers:

Hannah Pliner, Liz Iannuzzi, Bridget Kapinus, Sarah Benton, Jane Dewire, Alex Maher, Laura Jones, April Asico, Emilia Bruniard, Margaret Leddy, Anne Cotter, Olivia Chitayat, Nancy Fitz, Mel Fiore, Slash, Arg, John T. Leddy, Dr. Ralph Iannuzzi, Mr. Incantalupo, Tom Karwacki, Caitlin McMahon


The entire Dewire family has given us more in the way of monetary donations, food, party locations, and fun than we ever could have asked for or repay them for. If you want to be part of this club you will have to seriously step it up.


Jorge and Gaby Bruniard
Mark Dewire and Hilary Don
Laureano Asico
Jim Cory
Susan Wasserman
Jay Roche
Uncle Richard & Aunt Lilian


  Lavina Lissenburg
Eric and Jennifer Fretz
Eileen Zorc
James and Margaret Don
Pamela Krasney
Ann and Dick Sullivan
Bob and Marilyn Smith
Lynn Landor
                              Myron Halpern
                              Alex and Barbara Caruso
                              Liza Pike
                               Mary Marrer
                               Peggy Jones
                                 Anne Hartman


Agnes Kapinus
Raymond and Theresa Kapinus
Helen Cory
Kilsu Han
Linda Seanor
Kristen Briggs
Katherine Lewis
F. Michael Dewire
                               Consuelo and Francisco Darantinao

                                  Scott and Linda Wilkerson
                                 John and Janet Thabault
                                 Dr. Paul G Grandsire, DDS
                                 Elizabeth and James Hartford
                                 Francis and Elizabeth Marrer
                                 Uncle Ferdinand and Margaret
                                 Andrea and Peter Dewire

Friends of GUWRFC

John and Barbara Jachim
Kevin and Laura Welter
Johannah Donovan- (plus chocolates!)
Patricia Goeldner
Margaret and Blair Holtey
Rita Downs
Alan and Ann Carron
Trini Bruniard
Andrew and Gloria Halpern
John Peterson
Stephen and Aggie Engelhardt
Richard and Johanna Steller
Daniel and M. Patricia Durickas
Annette Smeulders
Daniel and Donna Cleary
Marie Cleary
Sheila Dickinson
Laura Fenwick
Dorothy Hartman