Georgetown Women's Rugby


FAQ for New & Potential Players

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For some serious fun and a family-like atmosphere, join the Women's Rugby team!

Check out this video: The Female Rugby Athlete


  • What if I've never played rugby before?

Absolutely unimportant. You will learn quickly.

Fact: 91.4% of people who join the team have never touched a rugby ball. 

  • What if I've never played a sport before?

Also unimportant.

Fact: Current member Hannah had never played a sport before joining the team, and currently kicks some serious butt on the pitch.
  • Will I get hurt?

Not more than you would playing any other sport.

Fact: People have a 27.8% higher chance of getting hurt going down the Exorcist stairs than playing a game of rugby.

  • Is it a big time commitment?

We are flexible and understanding when it comes to your availability but we do ask for reliability and enthusiasm.

Fact: You will not be able to get enough of it.

  • I'm 5'2" and weigh 101 pounds. Can I still play?

Absolutely! Don't believe the stereotype.

Fact: Our team currently has a good number of smaller players--all of whom can play just as well if not better than any other player!